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Shipping Policy

UpAfrik promises 'No Anxiety Stress Free Shipping' for all the products that you order. Through our logistics department and reliable courier partners, we ensure that your order is packaged, shipped, and delivered in a timely and safe manner. Our effective logistics department ensures that you get exactly what you pay for. We also make sure to provide our buyers with order updates and customer support from payment to delivery.

Once an order is placed, it becomes our priority to make sure that the order is fulfilled, shipped, and delivered in a timely manner. Certain factors can affect the delivery time of orders. Such factors include; availability of the product at time of order; customer shipping address, etc. Our priority is to ensure your order is processed and delivered on time. You will receive order updates at every step of the shipping process. If you have any question or concern during the process, feel free to reach our customer support at support@upafrik.com

HOW TO TRACK YOUR ORDER: You can check the status of your order from your UpAfrik “My Account." We provide constant updates about your order via Email or SMS. You will receive the updates when your order is confirmed, processed, shipped, and delivered. We will also communicate with you if your shipment is delayed for any reason..

UpAfrik’s SHIPPING CHARGES: Shipping costs for products varies based on the weight of the order and the location the order is going to. The shipping cost is usually added to the total amount at checkout.


ORDER SHIPPING AND DELIVERY TIME: The time frame it takes to receive a product after it has been shipped depends on;

· 1) Shipping option selected by the buyer (air freight, sea freight etc.)

· 2) Shipping address where the order is going to.

· 3) Location where the product is coming from. Our products are shipped from different factories

· 4) Size of order

In a case where the order could not be delivered possibly as a result of wrong address, the buyer has the option of providing customer support with the correct address. If the correct address is not provided after 72 hours of notifying the customer, the order will be cancelled and a refund processed for the buyer. It may take up to 2 weeks for a buyer to receive a refund credit for a cancelled order.
The cost and delivery time of your order are estimated based on the availability of the product at the time the order was placed and also based on the location of the buyer.


The estimation is performed according to the weight of items and their destination.


ORDER DELIVERY DELAYS: Certain factors can cause a delivery delay of an order. These factors include; shipping address, seller’s location, weather/climate conditions, Holidays, and shipping method selected. We will provide a means of tracking your shipment while it is on transit. In the case of any question, problem or concern, our customer support will be more than willing to answer your questions and resolve the problem.
Orders placed on UpAfrik.com can be delivered to over 200 countries all over the world.


PARTIAL ORDER DELIVERY? Since your products may be shipped from different production factories, orders with multiple products and different delivery timelines will be delivered to you separately. If you receive incomplete quantity of some or all of your order details, reach out to our customer support department at support@upafrik.com within 48 hours of receiving the order. Then our customer support team can work to resolve the problem

Shipping methods


A courier can deliver your order right to your doorstep.


For certain products and order sizes, you may need to clear your order with the customs and border agency of your country before your order is released to you.

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