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Can I buy in bulk?

Yes. For all your Corporate Procurement, Gift Vouchers and Consumer Promotion Activities, please contact via email at info@upafrik.com

Why do I see different prices for the same product?

UpAfrik is your trusted online marketplace that promotes African products with competitions among sellers. Therefore, you may see the same product offered by different sellers at different prices. We believe that by supporting these 'third-party' sellers, we can offer you a wider product selection, more choices, increased convenience, and better pricing.

How do I save items to view later?

Yes. Simply add the items to your wish list and you’ll get to view them later.

My order is shipped. How can I track it?

To track your order click on “my account” and enter the required details.

How do I cancel an order?

You can request to cancel your order online by
1) Signing into your account,
2) Visiting My Orders, and
3) Clicking the cancel order button.
While you may instantly cancel orders not yet shipped, please note that shipped orders may get to you before your cancellation request is processed. You nevertheless have the option of rejecting or accepting the order on delivery. You can also call +17703477140, +2348034283779 or +2348038414367 to request order cancellation.

Can I change my shipping address?

You can request for your order to be delivered to a different address within the same region or city, before your order is shipped. Please contact our Customer Service Call Center via email at support@upafrik.com for more information.
If you want to change the shipping address to a different region or city, we will have to cancel and repurchase your original order.

What is Buyer Protection?

This is a form of guaranty to our buyers that their satisfaction is our priority. We offer all our customers 100% coverage on all eligible purchase. Click on the link to learn more https://www.upafrik.com/buyer-protection/


Does UpAfrik ship internationally?

Yes, we ship to African nations, Europe, Asia, and North America.

When can I expect my order to arrive?

UpAfrik’s delivery vary from place to place. Within Nigeria 3 to 5 days, across other African countries 7 to 14 days, overseas 21 to 30 days.

Why does the estimated delivery time vary?

UpAfrik is a trusted online marketplace that promotes African products to the world. This means that not all products on UpAfrik are sold or delivered by UpAfrik. In addition, UpAfrik buyers and sellers are scattered across continents. Various factors such as courier service, distance, time, product quantity, and shipping time can cause delivery times to vary.

Who will deliver my Order?

Your order may be delivered by courier companies, or by the seller or the seller's agents, depending on whether the item was sold by UpAfrik or a third-party seller and on the delivery method chosen by a third-party seller. You may be called prior to or on the same day as delivery to see if you are available to receive your order.

Will all of the items in my order arrive in a single package?

If your order consists of items from a single seller, your items may arrive together or separately. If your order consists of items from more than one seller, your items will arrive separately. If your orders arrive separately, be rest assured that the remaining item(s) will be delivered shortly.

What should I do if my package is unsealed?

You should always refuse to accept any open package, as we will not accept returns of electronics products unsealed (unless for defective reason). If you do accept such a package by mistake or find out it has been tampered with, please get in touch with our Customer Service Center immediately at support@upafrik.com

What happens if I miss my delivery?

We will attempt to deliver your order again the next working day. We will try to deliver a total of 3 times before cancelling your order.

Will I be contacted before the delivery day?

Yes, our delivery person will contact you to confirm your availability and exact location.

Can someone collect my prepaid delivery?

Yes. Please ensure your representative has the tracking number and a signed copy of your ID.

Can someone pick up my cash on delivery package?

Yes. Please ensure your representative has your tracking number

My package is reported missing. What should I do?

No need to worry. We will help you replace your order at no extra cost

Managing Account

How do I sign in to my account?

To sign into your UpAfrik account, click on “My Account.” Then click on “Sign in” to enter your email address and password.

I forgot my password

If you've forget or lose your UpAfrik password, click on “My Account,” “Sign in,” and then click on “Forgot Password” to submit your email address. We'll send you a link to change your password.

What can I do once I sign into my UpAfrik account?

After you create your UpAfrik account and sign in, we make it easy to control your shopping experience on UpAfrik by visiting the following sections:
My Profile: You can update your name, contact details (phone/address), and subscribe to the UpAfrik newsletter.
My Orders: You can view past and existing orders and take actions including tracking an order, messaging the seller, and more.

Payment Options

How do I pay for my order?

For your convenience, UpAfrik offers multiple payment methods. Whatever your choice, you can rest assured that UpAfrik is working to keep your transaction safe. You can help by paying online at checkout so UpAfrik can hold your payment temporarily and more easily refund you if things go wrong.
At checkout, you can pay Online and enjoy 100% Buyer Protection using:
ATM/Debit Card

Should I pay to a seller’s personal/individual account?

No. If a seller asks you to pay directly into his/her personal bank account before you receive your order, please contact payment@upafrik.com to verify before paying. Please do not make payments to any individual without verification from us.

Paying Online at Checkout: When you pay online at checkout, UpAfrik holds your payment (temporarily) & we don't release it to the seller until you have had a chance to bring up any issues. By paying in advance with ATM/Debit card, or internet banking, UpAfrik can protect you 100% with our Buyer Protection program. When you're covered by our Buyer Protection program, you can shop with complete confidence and ultimate peace of mind: if something goes wrong, we help make it right with a refund, repair, or replacement.

Cash on Delivery (For Nigerian Buyers Only): You can choose to pay Cash on Delivery (COD). You simply pay the courier with cash or with your ATM/Debit card when your order is delivered. Please note that if you pay on delivery, UpAfrik may not be able to protect you under the Buyer Protection program since UpAfrik may not have the money paid. Please also note that the maximum order amount that can be paid COD is 50,000 Naira

Finally, even if you choose POD, you may be required to prepay for orders over ₦200,000. Note that UpAfrik will never ask you to prepay into any individual/personal account -- if a seller asks you to pay directly into his/her bank account, contact UpAfrik immediately at complaints@UpAfrik.com before paying.

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